URL field of banner is limited to 256 chars

Where the problem occurred: Store Builder CS-Cart 4.17.1

Details of the problem: The problem is with the Banners Management add-on. When I create a new banner and try to add a long URL because of SEO add-on, the URL is being truncated at 256 characters. I was able to do a workaround for this using 301 redirects. But varchar 256 is not enough for a URL in my opinion. This might not be a bug, but it would be worth to reconsider the design.

How to reproduce the problem:
Go to admin panel > marketing > banners. Create a new banner and put a text in the URL field which has more than 256 characters. You will notice that the end part of the text will get truncated without any warning. I have spent 30 minutes trying to find out what the problem was.

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255 characters should be enough for adding url and if this is not the case you have 2 solutions the way i see it:

  1. You edit your database structure and increase the size of url field in cscart_banner_descriptions table
  2. you are using a service for URL Shortener like https://bitly.com

I hope the above is useful to you.

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