[URGENT] Sever Down!!!


My server having big problem now.

This is message from the server;

Who anybody can help me?


Database error: 145 : Table ‘./accessoryhousedb/cscart_user_session_products’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired

Invalid query: DELETE FROM cscart_user_session_products WHERE user_type = ‘U’ AND timestamp < ‘1270902800’


File: /home/jungjin/public_html/admin.php

Line: 36

Function: require

File: /home/jungjin/public_html/init.php

Line: 173

Function: include

File: /home/jungjin/public_html/core/user.php

Line: 75

Function: db_query

File: /home/jungjin/public_html/core/db_mysql.php

Line: 94

Function: db_debug_error

If you have PHPMyADMIN you need to repair that table shown in the error msg.

[quote name=‘ETInteractive’]If you have PHPMyADMIN you need to repair that table shown in the error msg.[/QUOTE]

Thank you for reply.

how can i repair in phpadmin?

Could you explain for me?

If you have CPanel [ask your host] go to Backup Wizard FIRST! and back up your database before touching it. When done, go to Databases and where the database name is, look for Check Database and Repair Database. Pray and click on it.


Here is a good post from: [url]Spiration

This is just a quick note for those stuck with mysql error 145. Usually in these circumstances, MySQL will start just fine, the mysql> prompt will work, but attempts to read a particular table fail with error 145. This is usually a sign of a corrupted table. One common cause of this is the disk hitting 100%, so use df and du -sk / to try and figure out where your clogs are.

Once you’re happy that the disk is okay, return to the mysql> prompt and run the following: check table table_name; where table_name is the name of your corrupted table. This may or may not fix the problem. This is basically the equivalent to running myisamchk, but without the range of options available with the full application.

Once again, you might find that you are still unable to access your table.MYI (that’s the file which actually stores the information for the table). Your last resort is to exit mysql and run myisamchk from your shell prompt, passing in the ‘recover’ option. This can fix just about any MyISAM corruption and is done as follows:

/usr/bin/myisamchk -r /var/lib/mysql/database_name/table_name.MYI

Note that you may need to change those paths to point to your copy of myisamchk and your data directory. use ‘find’ and ‘locate’ to determin where they are on your system.

myisamchk -r is the most useful of all tools to the MySQL DBA in disaster recovery situations and has saved my skin on numerous occasions in the past…