Urgent - Problem / bug with WorldPay payment gateway.

Our online shop (CS Cart 2.0.8) sells gift items. Most of our customers are from USA and UK. All gift items are priced differently for USA and UK. We have the option to choose the currency Dollars / Pounds in the web site. We are processing credit cards offline so far. We have recently signed with RBS Worldpay and configured it through the admin section.

Now, we are having problems configuring Worldpay. If the user buys the gift item it costs USA $10 and UK £8. While configuring the Worldpay I can choose only one currency either Dollar (USD) or Pound (GBP). I have chosen to go with GBP.

The orders for UK customer are working fine. Now, let us say… one customer orders from USA and his check out cart shows a total of $10. When he clicks the ‘Place Order’ button, it takes to the 3rd party card processing centre at ‘WorldPay’ and it shows the price to pay as £6.20. But I want my USA customer should pay $10.

If I go back to admin section and set the currency as US Dollar, It works fine with USa and problem with Pound payment.

I have chosen CS Cart only on the basis of its multiple currency option. How can I make the the check out cart automatically sends the currency value.

Any body got an advice on this?

I don’t think I`ll be much help but surley if you have set WordPay to only allow transactions in £ but you are sending a transaction in dollars that some sort of conversion is going to have to take place.

In Cs Cart before you go to WorldPay what amount is it saying the order is in $?