Urgent: Need Some Help Here!

Hello team,

In our store we have to add as additional code one little snippet with few lines. That code must sent report from our store to the manufactuer report analysis. Here I need to know how to replace the default syntax with this one from cs cart.

In Example:

Default code is

And I need to find and finally replace the following:

Any help? :)


As far as I understanding this code should be placed on the Order landing page (dispatch=checkout.complete). So, please create HTML/Smarty block with the following code:

{$product_ids = []}
{foreach from=$order_info.products item="product"}
    {$product_ids[] = $product.product_id}

Please note that in this example the product ids will be separated by comma.

@eCom thanks for one more time! Your solutions are professional and instant!

Seems to collect the products just ATM we want to confirm from manufacturer if collects properly the data.