Urgent: Finding A Developer

We're in the middle of trying to upgrade our cart from 2.0.10 to the latest version and it's taking forever running through all of the issues. We've been in contact with CS-CART and they are able to help, but the 24 hour delay between every ticket is killing us. Especially when there needs to be a conversation. If you miss one thing in the ticket or there is a misunderstanding, it's another 24 hours.

While I've seen the reviews of some of the top developers, they all seem to be based overseas and as a result I assume will have the same delays. I am in Canada and need to find someone who is VERY good at what they do, knows CS-CART better than the back of their hand and is available in North American hours or at least works early/late so we can have at least 3-4 hour of overlap in our days. Someone that I can chat with at a minimum via Skype.

Does such a unicorn exist? I am starting to get really worried about this project as we have a very hard deadline and we're wasting so much time with this back and forth.



I’m here. While I don’t do front-end design work, I’d say I know cs-cart pretty well. Click link in signature to contact.

Hello! We can help you. Please contact us to sales@beencart.ru

Hello ,

We have server admin , functional developer , UI/UX designer.

Please feel free to write us at support@kartpay.com.

We would be glad to work with you.

Skype id - kartpay.support