[URGENT] Does UPS shipping take my handling charge?

I was curious, I have UPS realtime selected and it works great, however I added a 3.00 handling charge ON TOP of the Real time rates. does UPS read their own rates when a ransaction ahppens or does it take my extra 3 bucks fo rhandling (which is on my end).

for example


UPS Realtime is: 3.96

in the shipping methods area I added 3.00 to ANYTHING more than $0.00 (which means 3 bucks gets added to every transaction within the shipping)

so it comes out to look like this:


my concern is when a transaction is processed does UPS see the 6.96 as theirs or the 3.96 the realtime engine is qouting?[/QUOTE]

I guess I could test it but im scared to uncheck the TEST MODE button yet.

UPS charges you nothing for the online rates, you are only getting the rates from them. You process the shipping through UPS worldship, your UPS billing is from there, not from CS-cart or UPS online rates. So adding to there rates effects only what the customer pays you.

oh, so I get the clients money then pack the product, but how will I know UPS honors the rate qouted with realtime

I used UPS tools on THEIR website to find out how much it would cost to send an item to a certain location, they said $5.45, but my cart says: 3.96?

maybe the best thing to do is test it…

but UPS asked me what my ups account nunber is (doesnt that mean they bill my account), and whats the point of labeling daily pickup, if the ups tools dont directly relate with my account?

You will see the rates when you enter the customers address info and weight in UPS World Ship. World Ship is software supplied from UPS that you install in your computer at your place of business. The software prints out the label with there label printer thay you can lease or buy. At the end of the day when UPS picks up you batch out and the shipping charges are wired to UPS.

The charges online will be exactly the same minus your markeup as World Ship rates. If your weights online verse the scales at your business are the same. If you ship high volume you may even get discounts from UPS. This is in billing and will not show on your site or Worldship but on your bill.

UPS needs your account and if dailey pickupb to know what rates are diplayed on the site. The rates on your site have absolutly Nothing to do with billing from UPS. They are a reference only.

You really need to contact UPS on all this before you get started.

Thanks! We got it working :smiley: