Urgent Dev To Add Webshop Into My Exisiting Cs Cart Website

HI, I am in urgent need of someone to add one of my suppliers exiisting websites into my own cs cart website in an iframe. this si the link http://elite.yourwebshop.com/(S-e3e5542c-d300-4051-9842-661488eb84db)/

Basic instructions are below and if you could PM me or rely here with how loon to do and cost I would appreciate it.



1. Select the embedded theme from administration

Go to administration and select 'Theme 3' from 'Design & Content - Templates'


3. Download the javascript file iFrameResizer.js

Download the javascript file iFrameResizer.js from here (right click and save as)

4. Upload the iFrameResizer.js script to your website folder

Add the file iFrameResizer.js that you downloaded in step 3 to your scripts folder (or any location you prefer to store your javascript files).

5. Insert the script references to your webpage

Add the below html to the scripts section of your web page. Now update the src attribute so that it points to the location where you have just placed the iFrameResizer.js file.


6. Add the iFrame to your website

Add the below html to page where you want to display Your Web Shop. Update the src attribute to point to your own webshop url.

7. Additional Step: Embed Your Web Shop into another page

You can now repeat steps 4-5 to embed Your Web shop into multiple pages.

PM me temporary access. We will try to help you