Ups Shipping - Residential Vs Commercial

Most of our customers are to offices rather than homes.

As a result, our shipping rates are high sometimes.

I spoke with UPS Developers today and they said that the UPS API Request and Response indicates

Residential as the Default for CS-Cart ( at least for us)

Where in the Files or Database can I change that?

And what would I change it to????

Greatly Appreciated!!!

All UPS integration code can be found here


UPS also has an address verification service that when used, will return whether the address is residential or commercial so you don't get surprise fees. Feel free to make a feature request. I don't know if anyone still reads the old "User Voice" where these type of requests used to be made.

Thank you for your responses, I appreciate it!!!.

cs-cart used the UPS api properly in 4.4.3 and prior and would let UPS determine the address type and charge the correct shipping based on the address type. They introduced a bug in the rewrite of the UPS api in 4.5.1 and stuck the address lines in the wrong element so UPS ignores it. I opened a bug report here:

The bug is in app/Tygh/Shippings/Services/Ups.php lines 346 and 348. Change $rating_request['Shipment']['ShipTo'] to $rating_request['Shipment']['ShipTo']['Address'] in both lines and correct rates will be charged based on whether the address is residential or commercial.