Ups Shipping Complexities Including Box Dimension And Package Value

UPS is configured for our CS Cart version 4.0.1 ULTIMATE and correctly displays realtime rates based on weight.

The challenge is that we also need to account for box dimension, package value, and handling fees.

We ship using 2 different box sizes: 10x12x4 and 17x17x17

A 17x17x17 package with UPS is charged at 30lbs, unless the package weight is more. UPS charges the greater of the two numbers.

We can add 'shipping charges' to each shipping method to account for the handling fees, however, box dimension and package value are dynamic numbers and vary depending on each order.

What have other CS Cart users done to successfully account for these dynamic numbers needed in order to correctly estimate shipping charges for each order?

Are manual rates our only option?

Or can we utilize realtime rates and somehow make use of the maximum box weight and dimensions and assign those weights to all available box sizes? If the latter is possible, how we do we configure CS Cart so that we can automatically apply UPS rates to a 10x12x4 package for a certain order and not the rates for a 17x17x17 package?

We appreciate any suggestions!

Did you find a solution to this?

our old car on 3.4 was doing this correctly as you said and still is.

Our new cart on 4.X.X is currently doing this and its cause HUGE issues for us.