Ups Shipping Access Key For Uk

Has anyone implemeted the UPS live shipping rate sin the UK with the UPS access key. I have an access key but doent seem to work, doesnt pull the correct rates. Im wondering if it only works in the USA


Ive had a response from UPS asking for the below, is this possible or should I just offer admin access?

I am using LIVE environment.

"Dear UPS customer,

May you please provide us with an XML/Json/Soap/PHP request file that we may run some tests on?

Also, is this created in our live environment or our test environment? Keep in mind that our test environment only returns a reduction of a few pennies, 0.01$."

Maybe show them the HTTP request/response from the log?

Maybe show them the HTTP request/response from the log?

That did it thanks Tool, and is somewhat working now, just needs to be more accurate with the rates

What did UPS do? Adjust your account?

They said the test server was sending wrong info and to try "live" when store wasnt busy. the http was pointing to test, so i unchkeced the test and thats where we are at now.

Rates are ok now for single shipment but calcs are wrong on multi, so Im waiting on tech support