UPS not returning discounted rates

[color=#555555]I have set up the shipping with UPS Canada Expedited. I have added the correct

access key data, user and password and shipper number, but the data returns

are not taking into account my clients negociated rates (35% off).

I have enabled UPS in shipping setting, and can see it in the cart of the store.

Does the CS-Cart UPS work ok? I go into the UPS website with the same logins

and same weight / size and delivery address, and it show a value 35% less than CS-Cart is

showing. I enclose my setups in the jpg.[/color]

This is driving me nuts! I have the company set at Canada. Do I need to set up localizations?

I can login as a client, and see shipping to the UK from Canada for example, but the rates are too high…