UPS integration not providing negotiated rates

Can anyone verify that the new UPS shipping integration (provided with the 4.17 release to accommodate UPS o-auth2 requirements) is accurately returning negotiated rates?

We can not make this work and I don’t believe that the bug is in our system. When viewing logs after a rate quoting operation, the “CustomerClassification” and “NegotiatedRatesIndicator” containers are missing from the request. The problem has been verified by UPS integration tech support and my developer is telling me to take this up with CS-Cart–which seems to want to charge me to fix software that I just paid for.

I’m testing with V. 4.17.2.SP3. I wanted to get this working before trying to upgrade to 4.18. I don’t see anything in the chang log about addressing any UPS bugs.

Any help will be sincerely appreciated!