Ups Api Integration In Europe

Hi everyone,

I was just configuring UPS carrier for a client in Slovenia and I face a problem - returned prices are not real, because the client have a contract with UPS for discounts.

I contact UPS and they respond to me this is a problem that they have and it's require custom code to work correctly.

For example:

Shipment from SI – HR (Dubrovnik, 20000 postal code), 1 kg, UPS Express Saver:

Returned price is 100,92 EUR.

Here is UPS response about that:

As you can see price for this shipment (100.92 €) is composed from 3 components:

  1. Transportation (always) 62.35 €
  2. Fuel Surcharge (always) 16.12 €
  3. Delivery Area Surcharge – Extended (optional) 22.45 €
First and second (transportation and fuel surcharge) items are always included in final price, third item (delivery area surcharge – extended in this case) or any other surcharge is optional and based on postal code / package characteristics. What is needed to get NET price is that % discount is deducted from Transportation and Fuel Surcharge and full 3rd surcharge is added; example with 65% discount:
  • Transportation: 62.35 € - 65% = 21.82 €
  • Fuel Surcharge: 16.12 € - 65% = 5.64 €
  • Delivery Area Surcharge – Extended (optional): 22.45 € - NO DISCOUNT! = 22.45 €
SUM: 21.82 € + 5.64 €+ 22.45 € = 49.91 € + VAT
Discounts are different for each service.
I figure it out with custom addon, adding new field "shipping_rates_discount" to each shipping method and little change in Tygh/Shippings/Services/Ups.php and now everything is working correctly, but probably the problem with UPS API is not only in Slovenia.
Other CS-Cart customers can also comment here if they have the same problem in their countries and maybe CS-Cart team should add this option for discount in the core functionality.

Yes, I have noticed this, I havent got round to fixing it yet as still sorting other issues. Would be great to add this in core functions