Uploading File Maximum Size

Hello. Our company uses cs-cart CMS and we had made some changes. We are focused on service orders such as printing art pictures on canvas. Customers can upload printing file on website and order it. Uploading file's size in some cases is over 500 MB. and almost all web hostings restrict max upload size.

We decided to buy GoDaddy VPS hosting and create hosting there as we know they don't have uploading restrictions.

What is your opinion? Does it worth? Will we have some issues?

At first, please contact Godaddy support and ask them if they allow to upload such big files

We've built two of these systems for clients. You will not be able to do this reasonably on a standard host with a PHP.ini change alone.

You have to break the upload process into chunks using PHP and then reassemble the file.

Just increasing max upload size risks timing out .. and if you increase timeouts globally to accommodate such a large file.. you'll wind up destabilizing the server.

The solution is basically a dropbox-style upload process that resumes multiple times to finally get at the file.


You break out the checkout - then chain it to a second process that allows them to upload the file.