Upload Images product and Logo is Error

Hi Every Body !

I have error when i upload images for product and logo , i see this error , without i CMOD 777 Folder complied but not ok.

Warning: move_uploaded_file() [function.move-uploaded-file]:

SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid is 32036 is not allowed to access

/home/bqpm/public_html/web/var/compiled/ztempP67up5 owned by uid 99 in

/home/bqpm/public_html/web/core/fn.fs.php on line 583

Warning: copy() [function.copy]: Unable to access in

/home/bqpm/public_html/web/controllers/admin/site_layout.php on line 70

Please , Help me this problem ! thanks you !

Looks like your host has [COLOR=“Red”]Safe Mode[/COLOR] on.

You can check by:

  1. Login to Admin
  2. Click on “Administration”
  3. Click on “Database”
  4. Click on "php information2

    Scroll down where you see safe_mode it should be:

safe_mode Off Off

Thanks you ! notice for me

But my hosting is Using Safe_Mode = On , so i can’t upload images . :cry:

orther version i can upload very easy . I think i will edit some code for this problem .

Thanks for share !:smiley:

This is from the kb.


CS-Cart (all its features) works properly only if the safe mode is off otherwise most important PHP functions do not work. Here is the list of disabled commands if the safe mode is enabled: