Upload Database


Is it possible to upload database from version 1.3.3 to new version 1.3.5 SP3.

This will be from a fresh install of 1.3.5 SP3.



No you can’t. If you look through the forum you will find the proccess that you need.

I am not quite sure about how to go quite that far, but I think that you would first need to upgrade to 1.3.4 sp3 and then to 1.3.5 sp3. I know that there was another post exactly like this a couple of months ago so I bet if you search something like upgrade 1.3.3 you will find something.

If you can at least get to 1.3.4 sp3 than you can use the procedure linked below to get you to 1.3.5:


You probably will encounter a couple of database errors, but if you search on the forum you will be able to get them fixed real easy.

Good luck with the upgrade.