Upgrading to the new version of Cs-cart

Our CS cart platform has not been upgraded since we got on the platform. We have been advised not to upgrade to the new version because it will mess up some of the webpages that have been coded in. I would like to get an opinion on this from the forum.

Quite possible

But eventually you have to upgarde to have current PHP versions etc

What version do you have now?

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This is a question that every business owner answers differently. Although there’s no definitive answer, there are a few questions that can help make the decision:

  • What do you gain from the upgrade?

    This one is simple: check out CS-Cart release announcements, see if any of the changes speak to you. If you find something you like, then an upgrade may be worth it. “Big” releases like 4.16.1, 4.15.1, etc. usually have the largest amounts of new stuff.

  • What do you stand to lose if you don’t upgrade?

    When everything in your store works properly, and you don’t need any of the new features, then an upgrade might be unnecessary. But things can change:

    • Shipping and payment services can modify or deprecate their APIs, rendering integrations in older CS-Cart versions inoperable.

    • Hosting providers bump their PHP versions to the ones not yet supported by the older versions of CS-Cart.

    We keep up with these changes by releasing new versions of CS-Cart.

  • What do you spend on the upgrade?

    This one can get tricky: the longer you stay on an older version, the harder an upgrade might become. You’d need to jump through more versions and catch up with more changes.

    It will ultimately come down to what would be cheaper for you:

    • Upgrading CS-Cart and updating the webpages coded in.

    • Re-adding some features that stopped working in older versions.

    That usually depends on how many modifications you made to the site.

P.S. As a CS-Cart employee, I might be a biased party here :sweat_smile: But I hope these three points help you make the decision.

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it is possible to upgrade to last version 4.16.2.sp1 even if gear button from from addon doesn-t work as a drop down ?

Maybe I don’t understand something, but why would a drop-down on add-on list prevent you from upgrading?

cs-cart team indicate 2 ways for upgrade to 4.16.2- SP1

1 - Administration-> upgrade center → Install ( when I click on install button , going back to
Dashboard )
2- Add-on → manage add-ons-> gear icon → drop down " manual installation ’ button . and when I press “gear icon” …manual installation drop down do not appear

I finally succed to upload it to root and extract from there.

It sounds like a licensing issue.?

why you thing it is a licensing issue ?

My only guess is that the account you tried to do it with wasn’t a root admin account :thinking: It is a requirement for installing add-ons from the archive in the admin panel. If it isn’t that, then our specialists from Help Desk should be able to troubleshoot it if you contact them.

I’m glad to hear that you found a workaround that worked for you.