Upgrading Issues With Option Variants... >4.2.3

After upgrading to 4.2.3 when a customer selects product options and then adds the product to cart they get this error…

NoticeThe product Butterfly 4 Sticker has options or option variants that are not available anymore, so it was removed from cart”

NoticeThis product is already in the cart”

eventhough it is not…

Anyone have any ideas what went wrong… If I delete the product options and then add them back it works… But can't do this for 30,000 products…

Basic Theme


If I dump thisTable: cscart_product_global_option_links will that get rid off all the options assigned to all the products and then go through and re-assign all the global options…???

Went ahead and reverted back to V4.2.2… If anyone has any idea what went wrong or how to fix… Let me know…

I will address this with Cs-Cart Support and see what canned response I get… Oh the fun…

Please help.

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We are having an issue with the latest version of cs cart. CS-Cart 4.2.3 ec46f3715c17a1cf0facbf7a4cd5ef269ee4c7da

Links to certain product files (in files to sell tab) stopped not working. The file isn't in the folder its directed too.

It seems to be only large files like 200-400 MB.

When adding a file it says Error File could not be uploaded.

adding files another way it gives you a white page and the url is that to login.

Please help.


May want to start your own thread… This has nothing to do with my problem…

Looks like we are not the only ones…


I also meet this issue when I upgrade to the version 4.3.6.

"NoticeThe product .... has options or option variants that are not available anymore, so it was removed from cart"

Some of our products with options can not be added to cart, even I delete their options. However, some of our products with option still work (???)

Do you get any solution for it? Pls share.

Many thanks


I get this same issue when editing orders in 4.2.4 -- but not always. I can't find a solution for it.

I did find it in bugtracker for version 4.2.3 with a fix that was implemented in 4.2.4, but obviously that doesn't help my case since we're on 4.2.4.

Anyone have any idea?