Upgrading From 4.2.1 To 4.2.2. Problem


Just trying to upgrade and I get following message:


Insufficient disk space to back up the database

The database tables have not been backed up


I have plenty of space left, so not sure why this message.

Anyone has any ideas?




Please note that the database file size can be quite large. Are you sure that you have enough space?

Yes I have enough space.

I checked the DB it's 35M large and I optimized it as well.

But when I start the upgrade I get this message.

Should I contact my host? if so, what should I tell him?



anyone? :confused:

I had the same issue and CSCART support fixed it and this is all they told me

"I disabled the disk space check "

Not sure where to disable it

It was when upgrading to 4.2.1 and now it does the same for 4.2.2

I did find it in the upgrade folder in uc_override.php

Just not sure what part to disable

But after comparing I think its this code hat needs to be disabled

// if (false === fn_uc2_is_enough_disk_space($file, $tables)) {

// fn_set_notification('W', __('warning'), __('text_uc_no_enough_space_to_backup_database'));


// return false;

// }

great. Is it 100% safe? :)

I am waiting for SCART support to answer if that is he correct location and code

If you are waiting on their response in the forums, you might wait a while. Suggest you open a support ticket. But you still won't hear anything till at least Monday. And you might get a “we're too busy, we'll get back to you soon” response since they just released 4.2.2.

I did. That's what I'm waiting for. No hurry to upgrade anyway.

They helped me an never charged me and their response was very quick


Got the response from Support

[quote]Thank you for the request.

Yes, you are right. Please remove/comment out the following lines in the var/upgrade/upgrade_4.2.1_ultimate-4.2.2_ultimate.tgz/uc_override.php file of your installation:

if (false === fn_uc2_is_enough_disk_space($file, $tables)) {

fn_set_notification('W', __('warning'), __('text_uc_no_enough_space_to_backup_database'));

return false;


after the upgrade package is downloaded (first step of the upgrade).

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Nail Gafin

Technical support engineer[/quote]

So they add code to do a check and when it falis, they have you comment out the code?

This does not really seem like a fix for the check of diskspace availability. What is their solution in the next release? Try, fail and comment out again?

You have a solution, but it certainly doesn't identify the problem nor fix the problem.

So true. Hope they do fix it. Only time this happens was after version 4.1.5. Something had to change. I been upgrading till then without this issue.

Could it be with certain hosting?

[color=“#696969”]UrKo[/color] who do you hot with?

1and1 here

thanks zeero6

Will try that :)

btw, not sure what you mean by hot?

well it worked…Upgrade complete…

Only thing I noticed is that I had to add two language variables in addon section:





Hi UrKo

I meant hosting

There have been several validation issues reported and this seems to have occurred at about 4.2.1.

Unfortunately, they never try to really reproduce, they just point to code that obviously is returning an erroneous result and/or have a customer uncomment the check. If the check isn't necessary, why is it there? And if it is, why should it be commented out? There's a “root cause” to the problem that is missing and no one is pursuing it.

Suggest you post this issue to bugtracker also so there's some record of all these validation errors.

Thanks. I added to bugtracker

This was the answer from CSCART Support

[quote]This is quite a rare issue. It appears on some servers because the disk_free_space PHP function returns false even if there is plenty of free disk space. We were not able to examine this issue more carefully, but it seems to be caused by some server issues.


So this means I should tell that to my host?

[quote name='UrKo' timestamp='1409752663' post='191383']

So this means I should tell that to my host?


Yes, if this is a server issue, they should be able to shed some light on it.