Upgrading - Error Cannot Change Permissions


When upgrading to a new version I always get the following "Error Cannot change permissions". CS-Cart seems not to be able to change all file persimmions to allow it to upgrade resulting in a manual permission change via FTP.

Has anyone else had this problem and can it be fixed?


You can fix the ownerships/permissions of files on your site. Why is cs-cart using FTP to upgrade your site? It will only do that if there are permissions issues by default.

Let me start again

The automated upgrade process always fails due to file permission issues. Cs-Cart is unable to change the permission of files it wants to upgrade thus the upgrade fails UNTIL i manally adjust the file permissions via FTP.

Is this a common issue or is there something i can do to resolve it and make cs-cart complete an upgrade without manual help?

Set your ownerships and permissions correctly and ensure your FTP client is using the same credentials. Then just leave it alone. Work with your hosting provider to ensure that your FTP user is the same as the user that runs PHP.