Upgrading 4.0.x to 4.0.x

To do these incremental upgrades, would the upgrade center overwrite modified codes on the script? Is there an easier way to update a modified script? Wouldn't want to re-do everything for each small update. Thanks.

The Upgrade Center will overwrite all files and upgrade them to the latest file version. This includes the default theme in /design/themes/basic/. The Upgrade Center provides a restore link at the end of the upgrade should you need to revert your changes, but obviously this should not be relied on and you should create a full file and database backup before making any modifications or upgrades. There is also a list produced of all files you have changed and have subsequently been overwritten.

What modifications have you done? If modifications are done using hooks, you should be fine, but it depends on what and how you have modified the cart software.

thanks for the info, i'm not the coders but same changes will not have hooks (addons) , why can't cs-cart release documentation of how to update manually i'm sure it would make alot of ppl's lives easier. That way, we would just need to edit the files that are changed by the updates. Database schema changes is also an issue, since you can't backup and restore cart settings as far as I know…