Upgraded to latest & having problems

Ok I’ve upgraded to the latest version & have moved my upgrade files into my store root & am having problems, i.e. some images not showing, pages can’t be accessed, etc. Please tell me what I may have missed?

Hi brennie,

some of your image paths are still pointing to the UPGRADE folder,

http://www.dreamsoy…s/home-fall.jpg is ok

https://www.dreamsoy…/home-fall2.jpg is not ok

And the images are not there. change the file path or copy the images from UPGRADE to the correct folders


Ok I'll check image paths, thanks

For some reason my bottom link to Terms & Conditions isn't working & I can't figure out why…

thats probably a similar issue, where are your terms, the path it is looking is [url=“dreamsoy.com”]dreamsoy.com

I guess it's where the other root pages are stored that are created - not sure where that is? None of them are in my root directory but they get linked to properly.