Upgraded to 4.0.2 - Error - No storefronts defined

I've upgraded my CS-cart 3 store to 4.0.2, but i can't seem to do anything with the template. I have cloned the basic template and selected it as my storefront theme. When i select options e.g. 'customise preset Satori' or 'customise theme' i get the error 'No storefronts defined'

Thanks for any help

We are having the same issue. We tried everything. Please Help if you can!

You have this errors on version 3 or 4?

The problem is with version 4.0.2

Same issue here. Trying out version 4.0.2

I just went to "Administration>>Stores and then it said Simbrisk, so I clicked on that store and changed it to our companies name. Then I went back and it worked. Seems kind of strange.

I had the same problem an I was able to make it work by doing the following:

Administration > Stores > Edit Store > Region > and I unchecked the “redirect” box.

Open your database in phpmyadmin, select table “cacart_companies”, change " storefront" and “secure_storefront” to new url.


“Storefront” and “secure_storefront” are already set to the correct new URLs

I am having the same problem with a new install of 4.0.2. Tried all of the above. Nothing worked.

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]I found what was wrong on my site. In the: Design/Themes/Default Layout there was a new layout called “PS” that i cant remember placing there. I couldnt delete it from the backend, so i deleted it from PHPmyAdmin and set “Main” as the default, and then it worked again.[/font][/color]

It has to deal with cs-cart having issues with running on a subdomain. These issues are even worse if you are not running on the “www” subdomain.

The issue takes place in the fn_init_store_params_by_host function in app/functions/fn.ultimate.php.

For us the $host variable started with a '.' but then the search for 'www.' make it look for “www…[our_domain]”.

Same problem V4.0.2 waiting for answer from Cs-Cart.

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Same problem V4.0.2 waiting for answer from Cs-Cart.


I think the problem is in the “design/themes” I noticed i do not have the “satori active preset” and I do not have the “default tab” and I do not have the “registration successful” in the drop down on the same page.

I can't see anyway to correct this maybe some one here can figure it out. I think is a bug with the import addon?

My solution was to check first some point to be sure:

  • in the .htaccess file should be a line that defines where the root folder is. should be RewriteBase /

    if your domain or sub-domain is pointing directly into this root folder. otherwise specify the path /store-folder
  • Check the config.local.php if is the line $config['http_host'] = 'domain_or_sub-domain'; is written correctly. (this is when the domain or sub domain is poiting directly in the root folder otherwise the next line should be $config['http_path'] = '/store-folder'; )

  • When the both points above you are sure correspond then go to admin panel and go to Manage Stores > Choose your store to edit it

    Set the url of the domain or sub-domain

    This worked for me and it is the normal way to set up any domain or sub-domain.

    P.S: Check also in SQL database under cscart_companies if is really saved the store url as you made in Admin panel Store Url

    Hope it helps a bit