Upgraded to 3.0.6 today and entire site died


good news is it is my test server.


i did a back up, then manually copied some files that it warned me of being different.

Clicked next button,

got to an error page

now entire site is dead, i have no link to undo never got that far.

any body else experience this?

Or know what could have caused it before i update my main site?

Greg Laver

Pool Supplies Canada



Just tried to log out it wont even let me do that, interesting

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i did a back up, then manually copied some files that it warned me of being different.


Which files? How's your config.local.php for this install?

clear cookies if on the same domain.

[size=3][font=georgia,serif]Hi There,

Please check your config file, it must be something like the attach file to support 3.0.6 and also please check the /var/snapshots/ folder[/font][/size]

[size=3][font=georgia,serif]This must contain a file named “cs-cart_3.0.6_ultimate_dist.php”

Hope this helps. [/font][/size]


Hey guys, just to assist Greg here as we work together; we've checked the /var/snapshots/ folder and the file is cs-cart_3.0.5_ultimate_dist.php, not the 3.0.6 one. Is our update stuck in limbo then?

When you created the test site, was it fully functional? My guess is that it wasn't and then when you started the upgrade you fell into a hole.

If using a sub-domain for the test site, make sure you clear your cookies (as Jessie said above) for the base domain name. I.e. www.foo.com and test.foo.com, make sure all foo.com cookies are gone.

It would also help if you posted the URL of the 404 error. without it, it's kind of hard to guess at what page(s) failed.

Hi tbirnseth - simply visiting http://setup.poolsuppliescanada.ca will display the 404. Clicking any link there also brings up the 404 as well.

The test site was (to our knowledge at least) fully functional at the time of creation but we did bring it online in a rather strange way. We were developing on a different sub domain (live.) and then used the Plesk clone function to copy the entire website over to our true domain (basically, we cloned live. to www.). Then, after we did that and launched our new site, we cloned BACK from www to this sub domain, setup.poolsupplies, which is now dead. I believe something broke when we used the clone function, as it's the only thing I can think of. All 3 domains (live.poolsupplies , setup.poolsupplies, and www.poolsupplies) were all functioning perfectly when we started the whole cloning process.

Any further ideas now?

Ouch! Sorry, I don't have any experience with Plesk tools.

Don't your http logs tell you anything?

Can't your host help you identify the issue.

My bet is that it's something basic and relatively simple like the definition of your document root for the domain.