Upgraded Site

Hello all

I’ve recently upgraded from v1.3.5 sp4 to v2.1.2 and would love any feedback you might like to give.

My site is here: http://www.moonrust.co.uk.


The bright purple is a little rough on the eyes… maybe a darker shade would help? But that’s just me


I’ve toned the brightness of the purple down now.

I would remove the shopping cart sidebox ASAP as it has the empty cart bug. If you add items to the cart, then view cart, then click continue shopping the sidebox appears empty, the cart is not actually empty but the sidebox displays it as empty confusing the customer. Are you using the free cart sidebox mod in the forums?

Check the Chakra Healing Set, some of the images are missing.


My cart sidebox is the paid addon from www.webgraphiq.com. I know there’s a problem with it and I’ve asked Thomas to have a look into it for me, although he hasn’t got back to me yet.

As for the images in my Chakra Healing Set page, I didn’t realise they weren’t working, but I do need to re-upload all of my images because they’ve lost quite a bit of quality since the upgrade.

My shopping cart sidebox (Wg Advance Minicart) has now been sorted out and is working perfectly thanks to Thomas at www.webgraphiq.com.

As for my poor quality images, I’m still in the process of re-uploading the original image files to my database.


It’s a caching problem, the side box is broken unless you disable the cache. If you want to TRY the one I am using set your config.local.php to “sqlite”, backup the original “class.cache_backend_sqlite.php” file and replace it with the code below if you wish. Use at your own risk although I have had no problems with it and my side cart is happy…


  •                                                                      *
  • Copyright (c) 2004 Simbirsk Technologies Ltd. All rights reserved. *
  •                                                                      *
  • This is commercial software, only users who have purchased a valid *
  • license and accept to the terms of the License Agreement can install *
  • and use this program. *
  •                                                                      *





    // $Id: class.cache_backend_sqlite.php 10502 2010-08-24 14:17:24Z zeke $


    if (!defined(‘AREA’)) { die(‘Access denied’); }

  • Cache backend class, implements 4 methods:
  • get - get data from the cache storage
  • set - set data to the cache storage
  • clear - clear expired data
  • cleanup - delete all cached data


    class Cache_backend_sqlite {

    static private $_cache_handlers = array();

    static private $db;

    static function set($name, $data, $condition, $cache_level = NULL)



    static function get($name, $cache_level = NULL)



    static function clear($changed_tables)



    static function cleanup()



    static function init()




    ?> ```

Appears to be working fine for me today after they made the tweaks to fix (although yesterday the minicart would appear as empty after adding an item & then navigating to a different page even though the cart was not actually empty).