Upgraded from 10 to 11 to 12 HUGE PROBLEM

Today I upgraded from v10 to 12 and the updater went through v11 along the way.

Have a look at what is now going on:

A person places an order and for reasons unknown to me he must have tried placing the order several times. BUT notice the order value going up by $1.85 each time

Here is one of the orders. The $1.85 is a 2% credit card payment surcharge BUT what is also interesting is the total doesn’t even add up correctly

This is really stuffing things up. The credit card payment that has come through from the bank shows a payment of $94.45 for Order #1579 yet in the orders list it is showing Order #1579 as being processed for $101.85.

I have been with this cart since it started and it has never ever worked but what can you do?

Any ideas what may be causing the above issue - thanks!

i would say that this should be a priority bug for cs-cart team to look at and solve!

they should fix it for free (ot charge you any support points if it ends it was a bad configuration of your shop :slight_smile:

Taxes are a mess and do not calculate on discounts correctly. Why would calculating service charges be espected to be accurate?

Okay, just being facious.