Upgrade3.0.6 Pro To The Latest Version?


Did anybody managed recently to upgrade old cs-cart 3.0.6 pro to the latest 4.10 version?

Is it possible?

Kind regards


You can use this addon https://marketplace.cs-cart.com/add-ons/store-import.html

1. You should install a clean store up to 4.7.2

2. Install the above addon.

3. Carry out the import using the addon above

4. Upgrade to the latest version using the standard method.
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I went from 3.06 to 4.52 and all went fine.

I haven t gone farther as I have many addons and a custom skin, so will be building new site from scratch

Additional information can be found here


Required CS-Cart version can be requested in CS-Cart HelpDesk system

Thank you kindly everybody