Upgrade Worries!

I'm running 4.2.4 and have been prompted to upgrade to 4.3.1.
I'm wary about all updates, but especially so this one, as the cart was created in 6 months ago from a migration handled by Cart2cart (which worked fine) and I haven't updated since. I'm worried in case there's any issues lurking.
Anyone experience of updating after similar third-party migration?
Is it possible to somehow take a copy of the site and put on another domain to run a test update first?
Finally, if the update goes wrong, is the rollback to previous version 100% effective?

You can make an exact copy of your site and run the update on it.

One of our preffered method for a live site clone copy is on xampp.



Thanks, Thom.

Will this still work if license and update is tied to the domain?

yes, as the license check are made when you log in, so although you will be doing test upgrade on your local machine the web server one will still be checking for available upgrades. And once all works as expected you can just overwrite the online one.


Thanks, John.