Upgrade To What Version

Im currently on 4.5 sp2 and would like to upgrade to a version where I can use the new product variations as features, so I can have all the stock for each size and colour of my products automatically show inventory.

BUT*** I dont want to have the pain of the new 4.10 checkout with the awkward overlay and all the problems reported that come with it international telephone dial codes, name all in 1 field etc etc.

What version can I go to do you think just for variations for stock and images.

Im thinking 4.73 possibly but if anyone has advice .

You can upgrade to the latest version of the CS-Cart and disable new features. Check the dev.demo-cart.com.

Product variations may not work very stable on older CS-Cart versions. You can still use Step-by-step checkout in the latest CS-Cart version.

Hi, I've also wanted to upgrade to latest CS-Cart, and keep options and option combinations,

but realized that you can not edit option combinations any more if you install latest CS-Cart.

There is no more edit window to edit the stock for option combinations! It is removed!

So good luck with the editing your stock. It forces you to convert to product variations,

which create product for each option at the backend, which is great if you have 10 products,

but if you have to work on the backend with hundreds of products it'll create literary thousands of products!
The one page checkout is not finished, you have to edit it to make it display phone fields, etc..