Upgrade to Ultimate - can't see products but I know they are there

I just imported a 2.2.5 store into Ultimate. From the Dashboard, I can see that the correct number of products and categories were imported. My categories show up in the category page but I do not see my products in the product page.

  • My product options did come in, product features did not.
  • Everything under Customers and Orders did not come over.
  • Everything under Shipping and Taxes, Website (pages) did.
  • Credit Card info did not come over
  • Currency info did come over

    I could on but you get the idea.

    Given that I've not used Ultimate and the store import is new, I am not exactly sure what to expect. Do I have an import problem or is this a training issue and I am not understanding how to run this version?

    Would love it if I could find documentation on the import expectations.


How did you upgrade your store? Using the CSV export from Pro to import into the Ultimate install? Remember the CSV has to have a 'store' column with the appropriate store name filled in otherwise I found (in Beta rc6) if this is not filled in, the products import successfully, appear in the database, but appear hidden. Only way to fix it was to re-import with the 'store' field filled in.

Thanks for getting back to me. I did the upgrade using the new Store Import which came with 3.0.2. I installed Ultimate in a separate folder from the live 2.2.5 store.