Upgrade to MySql 8 making Admin panel slow

Hello all. Our hosting service just upgrade to MySql 8. It was previously version 5.7. Since the update our page load times in the admin panel have went from 2 seconds to around 5 seconds. This load time is for any page in the admin panel including the orders page. The website the customer see’s if fine and still load quickly. The hosting service says there is nothing they can do. Any ideas on why this might be happening? Out CS-Cart version is 4.9.1 SP1.
I’d be willing to pay to have someone try and correct it.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

HI Mikewallis, did you get an answer to this, I am about to upgrade to almalinux MSQL8 soon too.
I am using 4.17.2

Hello. We found out that is was an addon, “Request Reviews”, that was causing the slow page loads. When we upgraded to MySql 8 it made it even worse. As soon as we disabled the addon it was fast loads.

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great thanks, appreciate it