Upgrade To 4.1.4

I think I am ready to import from 3.0.6 to 4.1.4 this weekend looks like all the main bugs are fixed for me but the general install would be for me to add the new files in the public folder in a different folder the do we run import tool from 3.0.6 or do we hit where the folder is and clink install and the files are uoloaded from there I am trying to read but I just want to confirm

What you would do is install version 4.1.4 into a subfolder of your site. Create a new, empty database. Then run the install script, just like when you do a fresh install. Then you would log into the backend of this new install and go to the add ons section and run the Store Import add-on.

You would then modify this new store's design, install all your add-ons and in every way get it ready to launch. Meanwhile, your version 3 site continues to function, get orders, etc.

When you're finally ready to launch you would run the Store Import tool again and this time you would only “actualize” the data–i.e. bring the new store up to date with all the new orders, etc that have come in during the time you've been working on it.

Finally, you would move the v3 files to a subfolder, then move the v4 site to the root of your site, making it the live site.

More detailed instructions here:

Yes that is what I read but wanted to make sure I understood it clearly. My worry more then anything was the store in a sub directory but new store is there running with old store data then you move to root and vice versa. What about images are they going to be imprted as well

Yes, the Store Import will bring your images over.

Also It states I need php phar installed will this effect another site we have on 1.3.4 we do have php 5.3.27 installed

It shouldn't, but maybe wait for someone else here to chime in who is more knowledgeable about PHP. I'm guessing you will be fine though.

I had it installed with no ill effect on anything. The only thing I did not see after upgrade is complete when we are ready to move to root do we change the config_local to match new site or just in admin area after we move. The only difference I see is the path in new config_local has the sub folder name I am guessing we just remove the path name and leave the the site name alone

You will need to remove the subfolder in the config.php file and also in administration panel, example:

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I moved all new files over to public folder and then moved all of the old files to tmp folder changed the config_local by removing the sub folder before we moved everything over in the admin changed the store by removing the sub folder on the end with all of that it just shows a blank screen whn everything was moved over and all of what was inside www folder moved out


I cleared all folders located var/cache