Upgrade Professional to MultiVendor

Hi All.

If I start a site off using the Professional edition, is it possible later to upgrade that site to the Multivendor edition, with the admin becoming one of the vendors and their products becoming that vendor’s products, their customers becoming that vendor’s customers, etc.?

Thanks, STeve

steve - I am not 100% certain, but I do recall reading something that this is not going to be possible to upgrade from pro to multi

I asked and this is the response I got in December:

It is possible to upgrade CS-Cart Professional Edition to CS-Cart Multi-Vendor one via the admin panel since version 2.1.3.

To upgrade your CS-Cart Professional Edition to CS-Cart Multi-Vendor one, you need to purchase the “Upgrade CS-Cart Professional to Multi-Vendor license” product in Customer Help Desk (it costs $700).