Upgrade problem 2.0.8 No such file or directory?

Hello guys,

I upgraded my test website to 2.0.8 today and got the following message during the upgrade:

Warning: ftp_chdir() [function.ftp-chdir]: install/: No such file or directory in (CS_DIR)/var/upgrade/upgrade_2.0.7-2.0.8.tgz/uc_override.php on line 861

After that i con’t login. The lost my password link doesn’t work also.

Only thing i can do is manually overwrite all the files from the backup folder.

What could cause this?

Permissions could cause it. I have found that although 775 is called for in some situations, using 777 solves these problems.

Seems I ruined my install trying to fix this problem. I can get the admin to work again but the shopfront shows an empty page. Good thing it was just a test website.

Going to do a clean install and hopefully this will fix any upgrade problems.

I solved it with a new install. And for the record. The ownership of the files where the problem. Gave the ftp account ownership of the files and all was fine :slight_smile:

Excellent. Thanks for posting your resolution.

I got this error also, and the upgrade says it was successful, but the notification box still shows to upgrade. I checked the config.php in root and it was still at v2.0.7

I got it to work by creating an install directory in the root of my cs-cart installation. I had deleted it after installing the cart initially, as prompted by the installer.

[QUOTE]Attention! It is strongly recommended to remove or rename the install directory for security reasons now.[/QUOTE]

In the manual it elaborates;

[QUOTE]• Rename or password protect the install directory (for security reasons).[/QUOTE]

So in future I’ll password protect it instead and remove the password during upgrades!