Upgrade not working

I’m trying to upgrade my dev store and every time I click download next to the upgrade package, it pops up with:

Execute "restore" validator

for about half a second then disappears and does nothing. I have run the “Check PHP script timeout” and was fine. Any ideas why it isn’t going through?

is the licence on your dev site valid

Yes, I’ve added it as an alias

Please have a look

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Thank you, I’ve checked the core_log.txt file and each time, the very last line says

Failed to send e-mail

And then it ends/crashes.

Please check that your installation is sending emails correctly.

I have the same question to ask, but now I think my problem is solved. Thanks…

I have managed to get the upgrades working with help from @CS-Cart_team but have had some new issues:

  1. since upgrading to v4.10.1, I’ve lost my existing product variations and it looks like they’ll all need to be recreated. Converting products into variations doesn’t seem to do anything?

  2. since upgrading to 4.15.1, the website now doesn’t work. I get the error 500 page saying “Service Unavailable”. The admin panel still works but the frontend doesn’t. If I restore to v4.14.3 SP1, it is fine again.

  3. since performing these upgrades, the backend is very slow. The pages load but it takes at least 10-15 seconds before I can click on anything.

  4. For some reason, I am unable to enable or disable any addons too. I am logged in as the root admin, but there is no option like there used to be in v4.9.2 (from what I can see)

Any ideas please?


I’ve rolled back the updates to v4.10.2 and then started the upgrades again. I couldn’t convert the variations until I got to v4.11.1 for some reason. The backend is also quicker as well now, and not have any slow downs and I am able to enable/disable addons; although sometimes if I do an update I do lose option so I have to rollback and “re-update”.

It seems that the error 500 from v4.15.1 is related to the UniTheme1 I am installing, if I swap to the built-in responsive theme, then I don’t get the error.


Variations should be converted before upgrade to 4.12.1 is made. In 4.12.1 converter was completely removed. Also I personally recommend to perform conversion in 4.11.5, where all the known bugs were fixed.

Glad to hear that you’ve managed to resolve this issue. Looking from the Unitheme 2 product at Add-on Market, it supports versions 4.10.1 and newer, so I think that you may need to migrate to this new version after upgrade of your CS-Cart installation.