upgrade issue

I have v2.0.4 with all my products and images loaded on it. I had a problem with the server I was on and can only access the site via ftp. I have set up v2.0.12 on the new server and changed nameservers over to that host. How can I get the old info on the new server if I can’t export and get into admin panel but only ftp? is everything now lost? If it just means moving several files then great. If it means problems and you know how to fix let me know.

So in short can get on via IP address on ftp account on old server

Need to move info to new server.

Thanks in advance!!!

You can use FTP access to download your images from your old server and upload them to your new server.

If you have SSH access to your old server, you can dump the database using the following command:

mysqldump -u username -ppassword databasename > backupfile.sql

username - your database username

password - password for your database

databasename - name of your database

backupfile.sql - the file to which the backup should be written.

If you have SSH access on your new server, you can import the database using the following command (create a new empty database first):

mysql -u username -ppassword databasename < backupfile.sql

After doing the above, you will still need to update your database with all changes since 2.0.4. To be honest, if you are not already comfortable doing this, you should probably hire a pro. I would recommend Snorocket or JesseLeeStringer for the job. The other alternative would be installing 2.0.4 on the new server and using the Upgrade Center to step through all the upgrades.

You also do not mention if you have customized any code on the old server; if you have, you will need to reapply your changes.


You are probably correct on needing some else’s help!! I do appreciate your help.

Hey Bob,

So are images located in the database of ftp or the directory? As mentioned in my other thread I have lost many images and have backups of my database but not the directory from 2.0.10 before the 2.0.12 clean install.



In version 2.0, images are stored on the file system at /images which includes subdirectories for products, categories, thumbnails and some other stuff.