Upgrade Issue with Google Sitemap

Now we are running 1.3.5 sp4 and everything is fine after 2 months the sitemap on google has gone way down from over 1000 to less then 400. The reason is I think is the old links submitted were [url]http://www.mysite.com/martello-di-12oz-di-wal-asse-p1765.html[/url]

The new submitted links are exact except now no “p1765” at the end meaning now all links are missing the page numbers at the end and show errors, I went in and checked error pages and manually entered the page number in the seo area of each page but is really a long process, how can I have it where it would add the page numbers like before at the end of each link cause the page numbers have not changed just not there now

Product SEO type: product_name.html

I need Product SEO type: product_mane.html and page number with p in front

did you ever get an answerto this question?

This could be repaired with a SQL statement - look up pages that give a tutorial on UPDATE and CONCAT - You probably are trying to concat the seo value field with ‘-p’ and the product id.