Upgrade From 4.3.4 - 4.3.5

Hi All

I have been upgrading our site, from 4.2.4 and have installed several versions, though it wasn't simple. I have had to get my host to give me extra memory etc to do this.

I am now stuck on the last upgrade, it just hangs when it gets to "compressing file" and won't go any further.

Has anyone had this and resolved it? or any ideas please?

Yes, go into


Change the code just below a line that looks like:

$backup_file = DataKeeper::backup

find where it says

compress = 'zip';

and change it to be

compress = '';

Note that you may have to do this for remaining upgrades if you encounter the problem on subsequent upgrade versions. The App.php file gets reinstalled with the upgrade.

Hi Tony

Thank you for this information!

Worked straight away.

You are a legend in my opinion!!!!

Thanks again


I just read these issues every day. The above has been posted in about 20 different threads related to upgrades. No legend involved (other than my age!).