Upgrade from 2.2.5

Hi my boss got an email recently recommending that we upgrade to 3.0.6 for paypal bug fix's

(probably gaping holes in security if current times are anything to go by),

so thus i have been upgrading our site we were on 2.2.1 ive got as far as 2.2.5 but now the upgrade centre is saying there's no available upgrades?, please help

The Upgrade Center doesn't push the V3 upgrade.

To upgrade to V3, log-in to your CS-Cart Helpdesk and download the V3.0.6 files. Note you must have a current upgrade subscrition to get the V3 files, otherwise in the Helpdesk go to Licenses and next to your V2 license click More > Prolongate (1 Year) and complete the purchase for your upgrade subscription. Then you can download the V3 files and use your V3-compatible license key.

You can either install V3 as a subdirectory (such as v3.yourstore.com) or in a subfolder (such as yourstore.com/v3/). Do NOT try to install V3 over your V2 installation.

Once you have installed V3, log in to the admin of V3 installation and go to Addons > Store Import>Install/Active>Settings, then add the file path to your V2.2.5 store. Follow the instructions to import your V2 data into your V3 install.

Note you will likely have to fix the Design > Blocks locations - which are significantly different to V2 - and in most cases, copy your product images. Not sure why their are problems with copying some images, but you may have to do this step manually or via SSH or your hosts file manager if you know how to as the import seems to always miss a few images although thankfully not all.

Finally, see this KB article for moving to another directory on the same server.

Thanks good thorough response, i will have to read it in abit when i've refuelled and warmed up.

I think that we're on community edition which ive read in a couple of places you cant import from the old site is this true?

unfortunately none of this is making much sense at the moment hopefully I can make sense of this later.

Correct, there is not currently a free version of V3. CS-Cart have previously stated Community edition will be discontinued from V3 onwards and replaced with 'Free Mode' (Ultimate, less some functionalities). This was in September 2012 and there have been no further reports on the subject of Community/Free Mode. It is not currently available for V3.0.6, the latest V3 Professional/Ultimate release.

If the upgrade to V3 is a necessity for you, I think you will likely have to purchase a V3 Professional license which can be converted to a V3 Ultimate license at no additional cost as Professional is also stated as being merged into Ultimate in the future. As yet, there are no confirmed dates for when this will happen.

If you have a V2 Professional license and an upgrade subscription, you can also upgrade to V3 Ultimate free of charge.

Thanks, i think my boss is paying some kind of subscription fee on it but as far as im aware we're still on community edition il have to ask her about it