Upgrade From 2.2.1 To Latest

If I buy “Upgrade subscription for CS-Cart (1 year)”, I will be apple to upgrade my cs cart to the latest 4.2.4 version?

Also I want to know if I will have issues with my database and the functionality of my web store when I'll finish the upgrade to the latest version.

Thank you.

1st check if you have lifetime upgrades for that license number

Your old template will not work in v4. plus there are many other changes so it's not advisable to just use the in place upgrade even if its possible

What I Did ( for a v3 upgrade)[list=1]


]Install v4 in a sub directory

[]used Store import to import v3 to v4

]configured the crap out of v4, including a new template

[]test, test, then test again

]exported and imported changed customers & orders

[]backup again

]make the new site live by changing the directories

(The old site was moved still function to another directory)


Thank you.

Yes I own lifetime upgrades.

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Thank you.

Yes I own lifetime upgrades.


Then you do not need to buy the 1 year upgrade. In fact buying the 1 year will screw up your lifetime upgrade

please don't forget that version 2.2.1 has to be upgraded to 2.2.2. then to 2.2.3 and finally to 2.2.4 before upgrading to version 4 via Store import.

in order not to fail live site, you should make the upgrade procedure on its copy

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WSA team

When I'm pressing upgrade through upgrade center, it says me invalid licensed number. But my license says “CS-Cart Lifetime License”.

please contact cs-cart support then

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]CS-Cart Lifetime License does not mean free access to upgrades. It looks like you need to buy [/font][/color]“Upgrade subscription for CS-Cart (1 year)”. But please check it with CS-Cart team at first

Yup, your license need to say “[color=#008000]Lifetime upgrade”[/color]