Upgrade error 4.12 ---> 4.16

i did the upgrade from 4.12 to 4.16

i have 3 issues…

  • i have an error that the product details in the admin panel doesn’t open and it gets error 404.
  • on the frontend it, when i navigate to any link it doesn’t navigate but it only change the URL but keep the page on the homepage.
  • about the theme, i use unitheme2 older version but it doesn’t work now.


  1. please try end of link ?dispatch=products.update&product_id=35
  2. give me link to frontend
  3. In version 4.15.1 the smarty version has changed. I’m afraid the old uniteme won’t work.

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this link “?dispatch=products.update&product_id=35” didn’t work, it gives errors.

i will update my unitheme but for the admin panel, why the product edit is not working?
i want to fix this first


Do you have Multi-Vendor or Store Builder?

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store builder ultimate

Try to disable the SEO module. Do you still see the same behaviour?