Upgrade Center fails with validation issue regarding phinxlog table missing

I have been tasked with updating a very outdated production storefront to the most current version. My plan was to simply use the upgrade center, and incrementally update until I get it caught up to the current version. However, I get the following error when attempting to upgrade from 4.6.2 to 4.6.3 using upgrade center:

Validation issue
Validator "0" returned fail status
Table 'aquacs.phinxlog1474300574' doesn't exist (1146)
SHOW CREATE TABLE phinxlog1474300574

Any tips on fixing this would be very appreciated. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard of that one before. Is this the first upgrade or have you successfully upgraded previous versions? Try looking at /var/upgrade/core_log.txt to see if gives more detail because the upgrade is supposed to create the table.


Could you please provide the full stack of the provided error?

Everything seems to go normally until roughly here…

2023-06-23 15:05:36: Pre-upgrade script executed successfully
2023-06-23 15:05:36: Closing storefront
2023-06-23 15:05:36: Backing up files and database
2023-06-23 15:05:36: mysqldump is not available
2023-06-23 15:05:48: Caught an exception: Tygh\Exceptions\DatabaseException: Table ‘aquacs.phinxlog1474300574’ doesn’t exist (1146)

SHOW CREATE TABLE phinxlog1474300574

in /home/kellenw/public_html/alliedaqua.com/app/Tygh/Database/Connection.php:1118
Stack trace:
#0 /home/kellenw/public_html/alliedaqua.com/app/Tygh/Database/Connection.php(488): Tygh\Database\Connection->throwError(‘SHOW CREATE TAB…’, 1146, ‘Table ‘aquacs.p…’)
#1 [internal function]: Tygh\Database\Connection->query(‘SHOW CREATE TAB…’)
#2 /home/kellenw/public_html/alliedaqua.com/app/Tygh/Database/Connection.php(276): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#3 /home/kellenw/public_html/alliedaqua.com/app/Tygh/Tools/Backup/FallbackDatabaseBackupper.php(102): Tygh\Database\Connection->getRow(‘SHOW CREATE TAB…’)
#4 /home/kellenw/public_html/alliedaqua.com/app/functions/fn.database.php(332): Tygh\Tools\Backup\FallbackDatabaseBackupper->makeBackup()
#5 /home/kellenw/public_html/alliedaqua.com/app/Tygh/DataKeeper.php(256): db_export_to_file(’/home/kellenw/p…‘, Array, true, true, true, true, false, Array, Object(Tygh\Tools\Backup\FallbackDatabaseBackupper))
#6 /home/kellenw/public_html/alliedaqua.com/app/Tygh/DataKeeper.php(44): Tygh\DataKeeper::backupDatabase(Array, Object(Tygh\Tools\Backup\FallbackDatabaseBackupper))
#7 /home/kellenw/public_html/alliedaqua.com/app/Tygh/UpgradeCenter/App.php(650): Tygh\DataKeeper::backup(Array)
#8 /home/kellenw/public_html/alliedaqua.com/app/Tygh/UpgradeCenter/App.php(450): Tygh\UpgradeCenter\App->installUpgradePackage(‘core’, Array)
#9 /home/kellenw/public_html/alliedaqua.com/app/controllers/backend/upgrade_center.php(133): Tygh\UpgradeCenter\App->install(‘core’, Array)
#10 /home/kellenw/public_html/alliedaqua.com/app/functions/fn.control.php(702): include(’/home/kellenw/p…‘)
#11 /home/kellenw/public_html/alliedaqua.com/app/functions/fn.control.php(460): fn_run_controller(’/home/kellenw/p…', ‘upgrade_center’, ‘install’, ‘’, ‘’)
#12 /home/kellenw/public_html/alliedaqua.com/admin.php(27): fn_dispatch()
#13 {main}

Thank you for the information. Looking at the code, there is no way that this table does not exist in your store.

First the installation asks your database to list all existing tables, later it uses the list of these tables and backs them up one by one. So I suggest you check that this table really exists in your database and also that it is listed in the results of the following SQL query:


If it does, please contact your server administrator or hosting support, as there may be a problem with the database or the database management system you are using that is causing this problem.