Upgrade 2.1.3 didn't work

my upgrade stopped somewhere at these points …

After an hour of waiting i stopt, went back and looked to installed upgrades and it was done.

But i miss my language files. All words are beginning with an underline like

_orders, _catalog. There is no german translation neither in Admin nor Store Front.

I went back to upgrade center and there is the install button to 2.1.3.

By clicking and after seconds cames an error: “Another upgrade process is running”

I can’t revert the upgrade because: “Another upgrade process is running”

What can i do apart from clearing cache?


Hopefully you have a full backup of your store and the db…

You can start by deleting the var/upgrade directory and then go to the upgrade center and try again. However, you will probably have problems because it sounds like you got part way through. If so, restore your store and db and try again.