Upgrade 1.3.5 SP4 to 2.0.6

Has anyone upgraded 1.3.5 to 2.0.6 yet.

I tried using upgrade script 1.3.5 to 2.0.5 on 2.0.6… and it did not work well. Loads of errors

Always post your error here so we can try to solve the problem

Where can i download upgrade script 2.0.5 → 2.0.6.

For manual upgrade process?

you get this from helpdesk.cs-cart.com on filearea

in filearea i see only “CS-Cart 1.3.5-sp4 to 2.0.6”

okay than what you can which i also done something.

If you already install a 2.0.5 version, just download the 2.0.6 version and overwrite those files to your existing file, but don’t upload config file which is in the root directory.

You can also remove skins from the var folder, if you don’t like them. (Optional)

Lets try.

Why not just do the upgrade from the Upgrade center in the Admin?

I think these manual upgrades are the source of some people’s problems. For instance, in the above recommendation, there was no mention of doing the SQL updates to the database. Sometimes these issues will not be immediately evident, but in a future upgrade some record will be missing or a duplicate will cause a failure.


When i press import images from database button it’s not to done it’s stop and not continue. So i didn’t upgrade version. Thanks for all.

I upgraded a site with 3200+ products with the upgrade script, if you need help let me know…

[quote name=‘snorocket’]I upgraded a site with 3200+ products with the upgrade script, if you need help let me know…[/QUOTE]

İ have 5400+ product and didn’t run successfully. I tried export in a .csv formats products,picture,members, etc and import one buy one but somewhere wrong. For example in .csv files options tag or when i import picture files it didn’t work well. Yes i need a help for this. Thaks for all.

you can contact me via PM for a quote to do this, Thanks - Sno

How about the upgrade script from 1.3.5 to 2.0.7? I need to upgrade my store before the end of this week, and I don’t want to go through 2 upgrades (1.3.5 to 2.0.6 and than 2.0.6 to 2.0.7)…

I have tried the upgrade, but when i change my Images location to Database it gets so far and hangs…

Any idea what i ve got to do to tweak it so it finishes?

Really need to get updated so i can sort out other issues i have with CS-CART!


I am using cs-cart 1.3.5 SP1, wanted to upgrade in 2.0.8 but it seems it is a long process

1.3.5 Sp1 to 1.3.5 Sp4

then SP4 to 2.0.6

then 2.0.6 to 2.0.8

So my question is can we not upgrade directly in 2.0.8 using cs-cart Import export options. Like export all products. orders, users from 1.3.5 and then import all in 2.0.8

I have tried to do so, users, products, orders are imported successfully but

  • it is not importing product images (which are stored in filesystem of 1.3.5)
  • while importing order items it is giving error like

    _object_does_not_exist (Order ID = 115, Item ID = 2127581778)…

    Please let me know your opinions.

    Warm Regards,


    so just wanted to confirm can it be done or i need to follow, long trail of upgrade process.

before save 1.35 dump, place image in DB ! not in folder… And your image will be import…