Updating Profile Shipping & Billing Address "same Billing/ Shipping Address"

Until recently I did not encounter this issue but when a customer did NOT tick off "

Are shipping and billing addresses the same? "

and the addresses are a 100% match, we normally change it to YES.
This is no longer possible in a customer account.

Right after submitting the form the checkbox cannot be reverted to YES and make shipping and billing addresses the same.

The reverse is also true, when we experiment and change a YES to no and use a different shipping address with a NO, it will revert back to YES

What could be wrong here?

(edited by Yvana)

I did some further testing but in our case the only area where you shipping and billing addresses are the same is while you checkout where the checkbox verification if shipping and billing addresses are the same is checked as it should or should not be.

Very strange and confusing for both the customer and me as store owner/admin.

Issue is solved: there was a question re business/residential address that was only present in the billing addres, not in the shipping address. We couldn't remove that question, but we did 'untick' it, so the question won't be asked anymore.