Updating old CScart to a new version, will my existing storefront break?

I have to upgrade my old CScart database after some fatal errors, and I’m curious if uploading a new CScart version will delete my storefront or will my settings remain? I’m still not very familiar with CScart so any information would be appreciated.

Also - should I choose to overwrite any existing files when I create a new database for CScart?

Thanks in advance.

Please follow → How To: Upgrade CS-Cart via the Upgrade Center — CS-Cart 4.17.x documentation

If you override the files and install it again will replace everything, files and database, the safe way is to upgrade step by step

So unfortunately I am unable to even access my administrative panel, anything CScart related seems to be down for me.

How might I go about upgrading it then without access to the upgrade-center on my admin panel? Am I able to do this through Cpanel without wiping everything clean?

Did you identify why the admin panel is not reachable ?

If you see the store closed page, check page source code to find error description

I found this in the error_log

[21-Nov-2023 09:53:22 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function Tygh\get_magic_quotes_gpc() in /home2/punchedt/public_html/piercedtin/cscart/app/Tygh/Bootstrap.php:218
Stack trace:
#0 /home2/punchedt/public_html/piercedtin/cscart/app/Tygh/Bootstrap.php(193): Tygh\Bootstrap::setConstants(Array, ‘/home2/punchedt…’)
#1 /home2/punchedt/public_html/piercedtin/cscart/init.php(27): Tygh\Bootstrap::initEnv(Array, Array, Array, ‘/home2/punchedt…’)
#2 /home2/punchedt/public_html/piercedtin/cscart/index.php(24): require(‘/home2/punchedt…’)
#3 {main}
thrown in /home2/punchedt/public_html/piercedtin/cscart/app/Tygh/Bootstrap.php on line 218

No I haven’t, do you have any idea?

PHP version has been updated on the server, the get_magic_quotes_gpc function was deprecated in PHP 5.3.0 and removed in PHP 7.0.0

As fix I see as an option to copy files and db to a server where supported php version exists and upgrade the cs-cart and after all upgrades to move the files and db back to server

Is setting up a private server on my network with the correct PHP pretty simple? Would that work for my situation?

I am not aware of your network configuration

So ask your hosting support to change php version or do it manually from the control panel of your server