Updating Old Addons

I have a couple addons that I do not want to part with. They were made by companies that are no longer in business and there are no new ones to replace them. I would like them to work with the newest version of CS-Cart.

If anyone can do this please let me know.

probably be best if you can list them. Woudl be a long shot that they can all be done, but Im sure soem dev here can recreate

Two of the addons are by Loogaru " Delivery Date" and " Extra Field" they are still listed on market place. I have tried to contact them but no luck. These 2 addons are very useful and I will miss them.

And the last one adds the "total weight and total products purchased" on the invoice.

If someone else makes similar addons I would buy them but I can't find anyone who does.

What version were the original addons based on? If they are some version of V4, I'd be willing to take a look. Please click the get-a-quote link in my signature and we can discuss whether it will be more cost effective to modify the existing addons and/or develop them anew. Sometimes it's faster to do new versus spending time familiarizing with a different coding style and or implementation method.

You will find a reluctance of developers to work on other's addons. Partly out of courtesy and partly out of efficiency. But if they are actually out of business or refuse support, that's bit of a different story.