Updating Global Options that are already assigned to products

I ran on to this in a big store.

The kind of products that are for sale requires to give specific area of installation. So now the client wants to update this field with a new area. So I am trying to add that to the global options that corresponds to the products that we want. I add the new variable but the product won't be updated with the new area.

So if now I am going to delete this whole option from all these products (it will be done only one by one for each product) and then put it back again, it will be ok.

I don't get it …Is there any other way for that?


If when you add your global options you click “apply as a link” then any updates you do to the global option will affect them all. If you dont click this then all options will be treated as seperate for each product.


Yes thank you , you are right. After a better look in the Knowledge base I found it at the end in the yellow square.

My question is now, how can I remove these non good global options from all these products in a bulk way and not one by one.

Thanks again.

yes…bad news i think. Export all products, images and options then delete them in store and re import without the options you dont want…be careful though for extra images etc as you will be deleting all product info after export…make sure you will have all the data u need in the csv. also make sure your seo names are exported if site has been live.

other way could be through php my admin and find what you want to delete in global options there.


Thanks John. I was afraid of that. And sadly there is no other way as I was afraid.

I will give it a try via PhpMyAdmin, as I am more confident with that, than the csv. I have found some issues with the field sku when there is 0 at the beginning of a code.