Updating Cs-Cart, Need Help

Hi there,

We are currently on cs-cart mv4.0.2

We are planning to upgrade to 4.1.3 but the issue is that we had modified the core theme files and had missed on doing the same using the “My changes” addon.

Though the best way we have figured out yet is of comparing the original 4.0.2 setup files with our modified theme files using Win merge and thus move the changes using the my changes addon and then update cs-cart.

Thus, we'd be open to more suggestions on doing the same.


One easy way to do it is to make a copy of your site and upgrade that first. Then you will be able to see which files have been modified by the cart. CS-Cart does a great job of letting you know what code on which file has been modified. You can either make your changes again on those or you can build them into hooks.

Basically get all of your files figured out on your testing site and then once you have that done, backup and then upgrade your live site. Then you can just overwrite the files with the ones you've changed or whatever.



Hi brandon,

Thanks for the reply. What is the most efficient way to copy the files as in our case, compressed files for cs-cart are almost more than 1.3 gb.

How do you prefer to copy the files?