updated to IE10 windows 8 and problems with site layout

My computer was on its last legs. Bought new computer thus upgraded from XP and IE8 to Windows 8 and IE10. Problem is that when I go into site layout to update home page of website it doesn't stick. I save my changes and then clear cache and in past that would update my home page. Im currently on 2.0.12. Hopefully its not a issue with using 2.0.12 as really worried about upgrading as this version works well for me.Thanks

You'll find things work - slightly - better by using Compatibility Mode in IE. In IE, go to Tools > Compatibility Mode. Ultimately, not everything works in IE, even in the latest V3/beta V4 release, so the best advice I can give is…move over to Chrome or Firefox.

Had same issue and using other browsers does work better when you do make changes

Thanks everyone as using the compatability view did the trick. Didnt want to use firefox or chrome as that gave other problems with printing out invociesnd such.